Instructions for using the WebRTC2_client video chat client

General Provisions

WebRTC2_client is an application for a client workstation (personal computer or laptop) on the Windows platform, providing a video link for two registered visitors to the site on which the plugin is installed WP-WebRTC2 After launch, the application is located in the Windows system tray in the form of an icon waiting for a call for video communication. When a call comes in, the user can double-click the left mouse button on the icon and see the name of the caller. Right-clicking the user brings up the application menu:

  1. Setting - settings that the user makes after installing the application.
  2. Make a call - call the video communication window.
  3. Cancel call - сanceling an incoming call window.
  4. Exit - exit the application.

Installing and configuring the application

  1. Download and install the package JRE
  2. Set global variable JRE_HOME with path to JRE
  3. Download installation package
  4. Extract from archive .zip - WebRTC2_client.jar
  5. Run on Windows platform by double-clicking a package WebRTC2_client.jar
  6. In the system tray (in the lower-right corner of the screen) you will find an icon:
  7. Right-click on it and select the menu item: Setting
  8. A window will appear - Settings of Video chat:
  1. Host Name: Indicate the page of the site where the video link is established (shortcode [webrtc2]).
  2. Cookies Path: Specify where the cookies will be stored on your computer. To do this, use the button Path.
  3. Date Time: Field for displaying the time when your settings were saved. Filled in automatically after pressing the button Save

Video chat - window call Profile.

  1. Call the menu item from the system tray: Video chat, an empty window will appear, at the top of which there will be a menu: File, Bookmarks, Service
  2. Select item Bookmarks -> Profile
  3. An authorization window will appear. Enter your parameters: user name, password
  4. Check the box Remember Me and press the button Log in
  5. A window will appear Profile with your personal data
  6. If there are already registered users on this site with whom you want to have a video connection, then you can create your own list of subscribers by selecting the item Users for Video chat at the bottom of the window Profile:

Video chat - window call Video chat.

  1. Select item Bookmarks -> Video chat
  2. The video chat window will appear. Video communication control instruction WP-WebRTC2 See section: Plugin GUI
  3. After completing the video communication, you can close the window. The application will go into standby mode for the next video communication session.

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