Violators [black_list]

Author's method of fighting hackers - a board of shame

Grounds for blocking a visitor's IP:
1. Site structure scanning
2. Using xmlrpc.php
3. Empty User Agent
4. Brute force
5. DOS attack

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Visitor IPBan startBan endMessageNotes
Country: United States of America
Region: Texas
City: Houston
2023-04-282023-05-01SERVER_ADDR: force: administrator
Country: Singapore
Region: North West
City: Singapore
2023-04-282023-05-01SERVER_ADDR: force: administrator
Country: France
Region: Hauts-de-France
City: Roubaix
2023-04-282023-05-01SERVER_ADDR: force: author
Country: Russian Federation
Region: St.-Petersburg
City: St Petersburg
2023-06-012023-06-05SERVER_ADDR: force: administrator
Country: Germany
Region: Baden-Wurttemberg
City: Karlsruhe
2023-05-302023-06-05SERVER_ADDR: via xmlrpc
Visitor IPBan startBan endMessageNotes
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